Per week of Endless Delve around the Path of Exile PC started on Dec 11th

If Heist League has practically nothing to say in the PoE, the developers may perhaps offer you something in December. Though the upcoming league is postponed as a result of the new release date of Cyberpunk 2077, it is going to be offset from December 4th. Hold particular events. They brought back the old content-but having a cool trick. In January, Update 3.13 along with the next Challenge Alliance might be released and released. All information about the occasion might be located around the official PoE web site.

The long-awaited Endless Delve occasion is finally right here! You have nowhere to go, only frustration. Through the week-long occasion, you will only play in the Azurite Mine. No sulfites are required to create progress. You’ll be able to work with some starters to start the plunge to assist you to escape the risky darkness.

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Below many thresholds, it is possible to access passive points that you normally get from missions and are punished by Kitava’s resistance. You may also ascend the character by utilizing the ascending altar in the mining camp. Lilly Roth might be offered with Niko to give away to work with skill gems.

You’ll not be capable of entering any town or your hiding spot, which suggests you will bear 100% darkness alone.
From December 11, 2020 (Pacific Common Time) noon and December 11 (Pacific Common Time) (Pacific Common Time) (Log in to view regional time)
Ends at 10 am on December 18, 2020 (PST) (PST) (login to view in regional time)
Present common Solo self-discovery version; Hardcore Solo-Self Found version. These versions are also readily available on Xbox and PlayStation.
The occasion is invalid. (After the occasion, the items and characters is not going to be transferred towards the upper league)

Endless Delve occasion prizes
Demigod authority
Within the two versions from the occasion, the prime 5 in every superior category (based on depth as an alternative to level) might be awarded a brand new demigod and semi-official. The authority of every demigod will show your activity level.
For every version of Endless Delve Occasion, these awards might be awarded towards the prime 5 players in every promotion category. Through the occasion, altering your advantage category might be disabled.

Twilight Mystery Box
Within the Endless Delve occasion, you will automatically get the Twilight Mystery Box reaching level 50. This can be an assured reward and may only be applied as soon as per account. Leveling many characters on the same occasion is not going to grant various mysterious frames.

Random lottery microtransaction
In case you reach the list of thresholds under, you will automatically enter the lottery and win on the list of following micro-transaction prizes. These might be drawn randomly and shared among all versions from the occasion.
Micro-transaction prizes are not going to be automatically awarded based on meeting the level requirements. Prizes might be awarded at the end of the occasion. Leveling many characters on the same occasion will enhance your probabilities of winning on the list of random draws.