What level of Green Machine badge pays best in NBA 2K23?

The Green Machine is the Shooting Badge in the NBA 2K23 game. It differs from other Shooting Badges because it cannot directly improve your Shooting. To activate it, you must first get a good jump shot. After this, the Green Machine will increase the reward for streaks of good shots and provide additional shot boosts for bars of good shots.

Badge attribute unlock

Mid-Range Shot0 – 60718090
Three-Point Shot0 – 60738291

Unlocking badges requires specific game points. If your issues are not enough, please go to NBA2K21MT. There are many cheap NBA 2K23 MT.

The best value for money

From the test data above, the best cost-effective level of the Green Machine badge is Gold, and its improvement at certain moments can be comparable to that of HoF.

Raise the level with the largest percentage

Through multiple sets of high-volume tests, the Bronze level has the largest increase in proportion, but this does not mean that you only need to stay here. If your Three-Point Shot attribute is high enough, please increase it to HoF, which will make your Shooting has been dramatically improved.

Best Badge Combination
It is recommended that players combine Catch & Shoot Badge and Limitless Range Badge to get the best results.

What type of players is it suitable for?
The Green Machine badge best suits 3-PT Shooters, Offensive Threats, Stretch Bigs, and Mid-Range Shooters.

When the green machine shoots consecutively, it makes the green window bigger for great-timed shots. You don’t get any stat boosts or shot changes.

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