Diablo 4: Post-Patch Power Rankings and Fastest T100 & Uber Lilith Builds

In the world of Diablo 4, the recent balance patch 1.0.3 has brought about a slew of improvements to all classes, especially the off-meta ones. However, the major balance patches haven’t significantly shaken up the meta. This article will delve into the current power rankings of classes compared to one another and discuss the fastest T100 and Uber Lilith builds post-patch.

Nightmare Dungeon Pushing
When it comes to pushing nightmare dungeon tiers, the classes rank as follows:

Druid: Thanks to a potentially soon-to-be-nerfed synergy strat, Druids are currently at the top. They can achieve tier 100 clears with insane clear times, such as a five-minute tier 100 clear by Rob 2628.

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Barbarian: Despite the hefty Whirlwind Nerf, Barbarians still hold their ground. A recent clear by Korean player Zhongbo using Whirlwind cleared a tier 100 in roughly seven minutes.

Rogue: Achieving their tier 100 world first two weeks ago, Rogues are third on the list. The Korean player known as Smoke beat their dungeon in roughly 17 minutes.

Necromancer: Necromancers cleared a tier 100 using a bone spear. EXO achieved this in roughly 23 minutes with this version of gameplay.

Sorcerer: At the bottom of the list is the Sorcerer. This is due to their inability to survive when compared to other classes. Bentley Gaming, who recently completed a tier 100 as a Sorcerer, stated that Sorcerers need a dungeon without a boss at the end to have a chance actually to do this.

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Uber Lilith Solos
Necromancer: With an insane clear time of 1:36, Necromancers top the list. The player Scum was able to take down Uber Lilith at an insane pace using a bone spear storm build.

Sorcerer: Play-Doh Bear managed a clear time of roughly 2:20 using a massive stagger build-up concept.

Rogue: Lower Poz achieved a clear time of roughly 3:22 using the popular twisting blades poison and stagger focus route.

Druid: Zelix managed a clear time of roughly 3:22 using the very popular where NATO build.

Barbarian: Yi Zheng achieved a clear time of roughly 6:40 using the single Target-focused Hammer of the ancient build.

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Open World Gameplay
In terms of open-world gameplay, the rankings are:

Sorcerer: Sorcerers top the list with their ability to teleport over terrain at will. They have a smooth experience in killing packs and moving through the open world.

Barbarian: Barbarians come second with their ability to pull in enemies with Whirlind while moving quickly through the open world.

Rogue: Rogues have amazing mobility and can even Shadow step over terrain for shortcuts if there are enemies close enough.

Druid: Druids rank fourth, as things are a lot slower if you’re not playing the super fast werewolf version.

Necromancer: Necromancers are at the bottom of the list due to their lack of mobility compared to the other classes.